Considering Kazakhstan

Hi friends!

I'm considering applying for a teaching position in a Kazakhstan international school, Almaty. Was wondering about the following:

1) Is the air pollution very bad there?

2) Is eating out expensive?

3) What's the school year like? Are there summer and winter breaks?

4) Do they have places for recreational activities: art clubs, Swimming complexes, community orchestras etc.

Thanks for helping me with my decision-making processing! Appreciate it!

1) Air pollution is bad enough, but it depends on which part of city you will stay. However, it doesn't show as it's highly polluted, according to worldwide index of air quality (

2) Eating out in not expensive in contrast to major world cities. Roughly medium level lunch is 10$, but you can still find luxurious/cheaper places.

3) It may vary depending on international/national/private types. Regular school year year starts Sept 1, finishes May 25. There are three interim breaks in Fall (beginning of November), Winter (end of December), Spring (end of March). The major school holiday is throughout all summer.

4) Yes, it has, Almaty is the most developed city in country. However, there are not many English speaking activities.

Hi! Thank you soooo much for your reply! Appreciate it!

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