The most don't in Brunei

Hi everyone!

My name is Monica and I am from Sabah, Malaysia. Joined this group a year ago and would like to share some of the most don't that I think most of us should know as a foreigner in this peace country.

I must say... If you are a family people this is your place... you can be millionaire if you stay here since there no club or place to waste money 😂 Like our neighboring country... No alcohol or cigarette selling....

Well, just want you all to know that I have resided here 1 year ago and resigned from my banking job which I love so much (fortunely not the boss, but the money and job task) in that particular one year I must tell you... the most don't that you should obey...

1. Do not smoking in an open space or anywhere in Brunei vicinity (this is it people, stop smoking and save up)
-a friend of my husband was caught smoking under a tree when they resting during a break time, currently he have to pay like $4000 for the consequence when an Brunei Islamic authority spotted him doing that offense 😁

2. Please, this is hudud country do not wear any appealing/sexy clothing 😅 Even thou it's a hot country but soon you realize it's nice to see those who wears covered or half covered clothing (I became one) 😂

3. Do not drive on the right lane if you are a tortoise types of driver like me.... (I must say Bruneian has that driving skill that auto honk or jelingan Maut when you drove very2 slow in their lane) 😄 Left for tortoise and right for shumaaaakerrrrrr

Well that's all for today, it's my honest opinion and those who like to move here should know. Hehehe don't worry beside a very peaceful country it is also full of wonderful people. The park is so clean and facilities is great. You can sleep as early as 7pm daily cause it so peace hahahaha

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