Bangkok Vs Saigon ? English teaching rates + safe place to stay?


I'm an Australian expat currently living in Saigon. I have been living in Saigon for 1 1/2 years now and looking into moving to Bangkok for a change.

I teach completely private English lessons about 10+ hours a week and wondering what's the private teaching market like in Bangkok? Is there much of a demand and what is the expected hourly rate(USD)?

Also, which area would be the most safe, convenient, cheap and CENTRAL to stay/rent in?

Any other advice and/or comparisons from previous Saigon expats who have moved to Bangkok or from anyone is valued and appreciated :)

Thanks in advance!

Hi, Mel,

Your posting caught my eye as we are in a similar situation. I'm in Saigon, too (4 years now) and with residency card expired, have started thinking about a physical change. I've seriously considered BKK, like you and have been wondering what it might be like to find tutoring/teaching part-time work.

I have taught 2 years here at an int'l school and then 2 years at a local university (combined with tutoring here and there).

Recently, I was in BKK for vacation and in the middle of crossing the street, I got stuck at a barricade and there was bus barreling down towards me and you know what happened??? The driver stopped so I could safely cross the road. I just thought this was hilarious (and so kind) compared to my life here. Right now, I'm in the middle of giving up my apartment as I will spend a few months in US and then in France (studying the language). After that, I have thought about BKK as well as returning to Saigon but I feel like I'm really at a crossroads.

I've only just started a little research on living in BKK but I think in order to work at all (even tutoring and volunteering) requires some official paperwork. Do you know anything about this? I'm over the age of 50 and Thailand offers a great retirement visa-which I might consider but I don't think I would be allowed to work/volunteer with this. Have you traveled to other areas of Thailand? What do you think of Chiang Mai? Seems to be at the top of many people's lists for places to live. I find it quite touristy, lots of traffic, and their french center didn't have as many possibilities as the one in BKK.

If you're interested in corresponding, that'd be great! I'm at shekapur[at]  Best of luck, Sheila

The link below is all about teaching in Thailand and should provide the info you seek.

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