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I was just reading that HBO Go will be limited to streaming only on Liberty in PR.
I was not aware that Streaming services you pay for like HBO Go, Netflix and others were being controlled by Internet providers.

Is that so?

That's new to me. I have never heard that before. We use Amazon prime and Hulu so no loss for me for HBO.

Here is the story Spanish - … o-2209897/

we use Liberty for both TV and internet.  When it is on, it works well.  But it is often down, with no service for hours at a time.  I stream Netflix and Amazon.

I would interpret the story as indicating that Liberty will be offering HBO Now as an optional part of their subscription cable service. If you buy HBO Go directly from HBO (I'm not sure if this is possible with HBO Now), then, indeed, you can stream through any network.

Beats me what's the truth. I have Liberty for cable and internet, plus I have Netflix and Amazon Prime.  That is enough for hours of entertainment.  Also, Youtube is great. That is where I watch Carpool Karaoke and other fun stuff.  Right now I miss being able to watch my boys: the New York Mets.

I have T-Mobile and I stream whatever I want to the TV with ChromeCast installed by virtue of my Hot Spot Wi-Fi sending over the signal. I get all the regular channcels, plus HBO, NetFlix, Showtime, NatGeo, Science, and tons more.  It's also my internet connection.

There are two HBO packages, HBO Now and HBO Go. HBO Now I think is 14.99 a month and you can stream on any Internet service provider (Unless they block it), it does not require that you have any type of cable TV service, just an Internet connection.

I believe HBO GO is the one where you subscribe to view HBO (for a premium channel fee) on your regular TV via the TV provider cable box and it allows you for free to view it on your PC, Tablet or phone at no additional cost.

The article states a cost of 14.95 or 99, and refers to it as HBO NOW, so it should be the service that does not care what Internet provider you are using and does not require a TV package of any kind, but the way they make it sound is like you can only get it from them.

What confuses me is the price and the fact that they state the service is exclusive to them this service it's not normal tied to any particular provider. They are also pushing the faster Internet service to be able to use it.

Well I am not ready to move, I guess this will be iron out with time.

My concern was that Internet providers may be filtering out Internet Streaming so one would not eat up a lot of bandwidth.

Liberty purchased Choice in PR.

Up here in GA I have all the premiums but rarely watch them. The way Charter built their packages it is cheaper to have them. Just like it is cheaper to keep the home phone line that is only hooked up to the fax machine.

Our plan in PR is to just get internet service, no tv, no hard line. Use iPhone for all phone service and use current online subscriptions to Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and maybe HBO. News online. Papers online. Maybe do some remote consulting work whhile drinking some Mavi on the porch.

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