"Official stage plays" in Taiwan to rival Broadway's

Why pay through the nose to see top-billing plays on Broadway when you can see performances by Taiwanese mayors, municipal councilmen, ministers and other officials regularly?

Few stage play fans know this but all Taiwanese are treated to such "plays" on TV regularly, whose caliber of performances reach Tony-winning heights especially after a snafu has been exposed in the nation. That's when officials switch to overdrive to tap every acting method in the book, including holding back alligator  tears, lying through one's teeth, feigning sympathy, passing the buck, tossing red herrings, playing dumb, pleading ignorance etc.

Showing not just slick acting but also skills of polyglot, the said officials also engage in Q&A sessions sometimes in the Min-Nan dialect (Taiwanese) and Mandarin (the official language in Taiwan and China) to upstage their monolingual counterparts in the UA, Canada, Australia, the UK, New Zealand etc..     

Occasionally the "plays" simmer to melodramatic moods with some officials even zealously barking obscenities, personal insults at each other or supposedly irresponsible parties being questioned, to eclipse any excitement found on reality TV shows.

Of course seeing these "plays" live exceeds watching it on flat screens. So simply log onto the various official websites to check for show times and phone numbers. Admission should be gratis.

But patrons should not expect to find at the venues snack concessionaires selling buttered popcorn, Kit Kat, Popsicle, or your favorite soda, nor uniformed ushers to guide you to velvet-upholstered balcony seats.   

No word on whether the said officials and governmental branches plan to offer such "plays" in English to cater to a global audience.

Connoisseurs of stage plays are advised to be ready to yell "encore" as is customary or perhaps "uncle" as necessary.

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