working for HMG- riyadh as a doctor

Hi all

I hope you can help?
ive just been offered a job as a family medicine consultant in riyadh. Im a female Gp from the UK. planning to relocate with my husband, mother in law and 2 young kids. ive been reading the threads. i was wondering if any one can shed any light on working for HMG and accomodation etc.  im still trying to negotiate on salary and benefits and waiting for some answers. has anyone had any luck with negotiating on these with them?

i have lots of question but would be grateful to get in touch with a fellow doctor or someone who works for them??

im stressing about the move and childcare etc and managing work and kids.

if anyone can help i would be grateful.

Hi, and please excuse my being naïve to not knowing what HMG could be?

Family Med Clinics and Physicians are replacing what used to be simple GP positions before. And yes, you can negotiate on salary and other terms like education of kids etc. We are here in Eastern Province and similar work and benefits packages exist here, though Eastern province life is considered more free if you are in one of big cities. You can contact me for salaries details etc if you like.

Good luck and welcome!

Hmg is suleman habib group hospital.
Which cities do you cover?

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