Marriage in Jeddah - Filipina / Egyptian - I am Christian

I'd like to ask the requirements anf procedures if u want to marry here in Jeddah. I'm from Philippines and the guy is from Egypt.

Another thing is I'm a Christian and he's Muslim but I'm willing to convert.

Hope to hear from you guys. THANKS.

Congratulation Mama , its nice news better than you will be muslim.
i think you can marry him in the Egypt embassy .

Good luck

You need to make the conversion first in the Islamic affair
then go to court with 2 witnesses to make the marriage

OK. Thanks a lot sir.

You need SHAHADAH (Revert Muslim Certificate from Islamic School called Madrisa), after that you need to translate into English, go to Philippine Embassy and submit your SHAHDAH (Arabic + English) they will stamp for you, then with your sponsor help required to change your religion on IQAMA (Christian into MUSLIM).....

Guy need to submit a letter to your sponsor for married with his IQAMA copy stamped from his sponsor, to get permission and your sponsor will allow you to marry him,..

After that you can go to Islamic Center to get married, required two witness from man side and two from your side (Should be same nationality).

Have a safe journey...

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