"Official stage plays" in Taiwan to rival Broadway's

Why bother paying through the nose for top Broadway performances when you can enjoy regular "plays" starring municipal councilmen, lawmakers, ministers and mayors of Taiwan?

There are regular "performances" daily that reach Tony-winning caliber to eclipse any reality TV shows, especially when a snafu has been committed in Taiwan. That's when the officials switch into overdrive to fully tap their repertoire of skills in passing the buck, feigning sympathy, tossing red herring, lying through one's teeth, evasive maneuvers, playing dumb or pleading ignorance, pointing fingers, mud slinging etc.

Some of the Q&A sessions between councilmen and ministers actually simmer to melodramatic, personal levels occasionally, with zealous officials reciting timelessly nauseous platitudes, hypocrisies, and even barking obscenities at supposedly irresponsible officials.

Displaying skills of polyglot, some of these officials engage in Q&A using the Min-Nan dialect (Taiwanese) and Mandarin (the official language in Taiwan and China) to upstage most of their monolingual peers in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK.

Stage play buffs are advised to call ahead to confirm schedule. Simply log onto the relevant sites for phone numbers. But don't expect to find snack concessionaires at the various venues selling buttered pop corn, your favorite soda, Popsicle, nor uniformed ushers to guide you to velvet-upholstered box seats.

And no word on whether the officials and various governmental branches plan to offer the "plays" in English to cater to a global audience.

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