Sexually harassed

My friend who's from France is staying in a villa in trou aux biches, she's here for holidays. she sent me a message yesterday telling me that she was sexually harassed by the Mauritian man in charge of the place. The incident took place when she went downstairs to do her laundry cos the washing machine is placed downstairs.
I need some advice from this group.
Below is the text message from my friend, pardon her English

" we talked while the machine washed, and then under the pretext of help me out clothes from the machine, which is deep, he spent slightly his hand from my knee up to the hip, I say no, no, pushing his arm and he asked me when even though If i would not spend a day with him! I say again no, no but it will not and went, he was not aggressive and has not prevented me out"

hey, i think you should just go straight to the police, dont prolong by seeking help from elsewhere,,, just report the issue

I feel very sorry for your friend.

there are a lot of letcherous *******s out there...I don't know if it is the heat but reckon that it has
been going on for many many years since they started to show pornographic movies with white girls.
They think every woman is 'game' for a trist but be warned....most women do not welcome or entertain sexual harrassment ...although there are a few who like a bit of 'hows your father' with strangers...if they ask for something in return,  they are *****s and if they don't they are ******s.  Either way...a smile or civility shown by a woman is not an invitation for sexual harrassment . Go figure.

better report the matter to the police because you never know what is in his mind..

I think its better to get her out of that place , and move her to a safe and respectable place.

Taking this matter to police will only spoil her time and days here in Mauritius..

expose the perpetrator, you may put up a thread or just mention details of that person on this thread, so people heading towards this accommodation are well aware of his actions.


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