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Can anyone advise the best way to get from Innsbruck airport to our hotel in Lanersbach please. 3 adults with lots of luggage. July 2016

A (rental) car  :lol:

There are several specialist taxi transfer firms that can do transfers. Ideally a VW or Mercedes mini bus, I saw one price mentioning around € 30,00 per person one way. Trains mean you will have to change twice and final section on a bus, and takes 2.5 hours, whereas a direct transfer takes 1.25 hours. The above price was sharing a taxi, and has to be booked 2 days in advance. The hotel may also be able to offer a transfer service from a local taxi company. Think around € 200,00  though one way!

I am not from this area, but usually Hotels do provide Transport for a certain fee. Contact them directly, at least they will be able to inform you about the prospective cost for a taxi or arrange for a hotel-shuttle or a private Transfer.

I use SMS.Taxi to get from home to airports they will give a quote for a single or retern trip.they cover all of Austria and will pick up and drop off at airports in Slovinia and Italy Salzburg Vienna. My son recently arrived in Vienna they picked him up and dropped off at my front door .I have used them a few times Vienna to Hermagor one way €100. and ,Slovinia to Hermagor. Return was only €98 return **

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