What are the best textbooks for learning Bulgarian?

Hi, I'm new to the forum and I am looking to move to Bulgaria in a few years time, but first I want to become reasonably fluent in the language (as well as increasing my savings), so I wondered which is the better book to start learning Bulgarian out of 'Complete Bulgarian beginner and intermediate Course'-Micheal Holman, or 'Colloquial Bulgarian'-Kjetil Ra Hauge. I will be getting the Intensive volumes by Ronelle Alexander at a later date and a Bulgarian-English picture assisted dictionary for quicker learning, but which of the first two are most recommended? Thankyou

I can't speak to those books, but this series was written by the staff who taught Bulgarian to Peace Corps volunteers in Bulgaria for many years... I found their way of laying out material helpful when I was learning Bulgarian. (I did not use this particular book, but older materials that this series took into consideration). … uage+zhana

This one is VERY useful, especially as it has something I've not seen on ANY other text-book - where to put the stress on words! … &psc=1

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