After then, What??? Stay in China or leave?

When you get so much worried and doubtful about what tomorrow will bring, many people will say tomorrow will take care of itself. Others may say you should be hopeful.

Hmm., I must say, I am in dilemma of what tomorrow brings for now.

After dedicated study of Applied Physics at undergraduate level and full focus on my Masters in computer science in Shenyang Jianzhu University, I seems to feel uncertain of what I should do next. 

To stay in China and continue my life here or leave. China is a country that makes anyone without white skin get tempted to jump from a cliff.

This is same with me and I really dont know if there could be a dim light of opportunity for me here. Somebody saaaaaaaaaave me!. 

Guessing I need the man of steel to come to my aid at this moment. hmmm.

I will be glad to get your candid advice. Thanks

Dr. Seuss about life :

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened

That only works if your life happened, not if it was a nothing note in a births, deaths and marriage register.

You aren't a product of what happens to you, you are a product of what you make happen, so get out there and make something happen.

You don't need someone to save you, you need to slap yourself on the face and save yourself.

right. Thanks man. I guess I should do just that.

I think you might like to move over to Shanghai or Shenzen where there would be more opportunities for career development depending on your field of specialisation


I've been here nearly twenty years, haven't jumped yet; thought about it though...
As you are probably aware of, the world has and is changing.
Moving from place to place is simply Geography.  Decide what it is that you truly want to do with your life and try it.

The sun will still come up again tomorrow all over the world.  "Slow down, think a lot, think of everything you've got, you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not." Lyrics from Cat Stevens...

Hello...i sincerely consider that it isn't my place to give you an advice for your life which will certainly change your entire universe, but it is the first thing i read today and kept my atention, Therefore i felt i shouldn't just pass over without a comment....
Honestly, your life can be created at maximum potential wherever you want in this world...depends on your desires and abilities...but as a matter of an educated person, you should take in a very detailed consideration what and where your studies could be applied (that's because from your text i understood that you want to continue working in the field). And i am saying you this because i have also finished engineering studies which gave me too less options in my own country and zero ones in here, China (which i actually knew from the beggining because i can not speak chinese at all).
Even though, i consider that an experience you can live abroad, faaaar away from your comfort zone it is much higher than almost anything else, helping you to develope not your studies, but your mind (a loooot).
Finally, i really hope you to take the best decision for your life, just remember that you can always go back, your place at home will never be erased, but far away...there isn't always the right time...

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