residence permit: from other purposes to working permit

Hello everyone!

I'm not EU citizen, currently live in Budapest with a residence permit for other purposes. I got a job offer from a hungarian company, but the employer is not aware about hiring foreigners. Could you please advice how I can get a working permit instead of my other purpose permit? What is the procedure for employer?


IlyaBD :

What is the procedure for employer?

To start, the employer will need to state and/or prove that the job can not be done by a Hungarian or is unable to find a qualified Hungarian who wants the job. The idea being, you being hired should not displace a Hungarian from a possible job. And that is, often, quite difficult except in very specialized fields.

Government dont want foreigners working in Hungary unless its a specialsed job no one in Hungary can do, they want to reserve jobs for Hungarian people. Its like this in most countries, look after your own first. I was also explicitlely asked by the immigration officer if i wanted to work in Hungary.

Hello, you have to ask your employer to give a pre contract and with this you have to go to migration office. Together with this you need tax number which you can get yourself, medical insurance, diploma, passport, current reidence permit and your current stay should be valid min 90 days ahead. because officials need 90 days to perform the stuff. Not all companies make documents and wait so long, so you need to find a good company to be able flexi enough.

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