Need a Job as an Accountant

I am ACCA Qualified and have relevent experience in Accounts and Finance. I am currently living in Riyadh.
Please help me in finding a job.
I shall be very Thankful to you for this.

Hello Shakil7258 :cheers:

You may drop an advert of your job hunt in the Jobs offers in Riyadh section of the site for better feeedback.


Hi sahkil,

You can check this website its good for jobs in all the gulf

i hope it's helpful to you
Good luck

I already tried it but i did not helped me me... if u have any direct means to help please suggest.


Go to you will see a lot of opportunities, also go to and have your profiles active

These sites are helpful

wish you the best of luck


Dear friend i already tried that but all in vain... I need reference to help me find a job[moderated]

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I am shocked to see such frustration in a person having a genuine qualification of ACCA.

May Allah help you.

Ameen and thanks for your best wishes...


I suggest you calm down a bit and analyse your situation.

1) Traditionally, one finds accounting jobs through personal contacts and references rather than internet sites.

2) In Saudi , you will be surprised that many such jobs can be found by just walking into HR departments of accounting firms including the ones who had turned you down in the past to inquire if prospects have improved.

3) With due respect to many accountants coming from the sub continent, it has been noticed that they lack in basic communication skills, it may be a good idea to use this interim time to bridge any shortfalls you may have.

4) Ask professional help from a friend to re draft your CV.

5) Do not be afraid to return to Pakistan to join a known national or multinational accounting or auditing firm with view to come back to KSA in future. :)

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