Is it really possible for a student to find a job in Jeddah?

Let me list out the things I am currently wondering about

Saudization - Got rejected straight of the bat,due to that
Temporary/student jobs - Most end up being Saudi only
Labor law to be 18 or more - I am a year younger than the limit
(I get university students are older than 18 but students still imply high school students as well, who are definitely not 18.Moreover, when I was at (Unnamed supermarket) , for example, all the Saudis that were applying definitely were not over 18 which contradicts the labor law,I am horribly confused)

I have been searching for over a month and out of options.

It makes me wonder is there actually any job available?

Hey Kiddo, I understand the frustration you're going through particularly against the other Saudi kids.

I'll not comment on the labor law aspect for age, but I can tell you from experience that companies are hungry to hire Saudis to increase their Saudiazation percentage with the ministry.

Assuming you're a high school grad, you'll be considered someone with 0 experience, you can start by offering volunteer work by talking to friends or family, i'm sure someone can use a free helping hand. By volunteering you'll be able to learn the reality, dealing with people, team work etc etc etc.

This would sometime give companies an opportunity to hire you by seeing your courage to work. Once hired, invest in yourself by taking courses, certifications and eventually a degree.

Good luck.

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