Looking for Dentist near Quanzhou, Fujian or Changsha

I need to find a qualified dentist, to repair a broken tooth.  I am working in Quanzhou but live in Changsha, so something close to either is fine with me, I just need to get this thing taken care of ASAP.  I don't care if the Dentist speaks English, I can bring a translator if needed. I would like a dentist that is able to do the job and cause as little pain as possible.... Yes, I hate pain and try to avoid it if possible.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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While waiting for members to advise, I invite you to check out our business directory:

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I found a very good dentist in Xiamen, unfortunately he charges like he is in the USA. So if you are working for Dollars I would certainly recommend him. If you are working for RMB I would still recommend him but be prepared to spend a months or twos  salary very quickly. If you are interested send me a message I will forward his information.

@ > Please feel free to recommend this dentist here : … /dentists/ :)

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