Paid Conversation classes

Hello guys,

I am seeking native English speaker for paid conversation classes. I need to practice the language for some concerns yet to come soon.
Simply we are going to meet twice per week at some place and keep talking about, possibly pre-set topic, while of course you are going to notify me about my pronunciation, flaws, etc..later after we are done with the class or during, we can decide on this later, and that's it. I have a friend (girl) who is interested in joining us doing this.

If you are a native teacher, this is a plus.

Inbox me If interested to discuss it further..

Thank you,

Hello invisibleLegend :cheers:

I invite you to drop an advert in the Language classes in Egypt section of the site for better chances to find a tutor :top:

In which part of Egypt are you seeking tutoring please?


Ok I will, thank you.

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