As an ex-pat I was once using a Minimoke, roofless car based on the old BMC mini.  Hired from company on the Algarve I seem to recall. As I am now in Portugal most of the time, retired but still with motor trade connections, I was looking for one as a restoration project. Any readers with any ideas?

This link may help you find one.

Thanks Cynic.  I am (was) a member of Mokes UK, good forum for anyone interested in old minis and travelling about in Europe.

BMC actually had a factory in Portugal into the 80,s and a lot of Mokes were made there mainly for export to the USA market.  A somewhat pimped up version that became known as the "Californian".  A lot did stay in Portugal.  Alas with six months on the Algarve now I have only spotted two.

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