Who pays for appliance repairs – landlord or tenant?

Our dryer is turning off prematurely and I assume it needs repairing. The rental contract in an obvious oversight on my behalf does no stipulate who’s responsible for repairs. My question is who is traditionally responsible for appliance repairs in Ecuador – the landlord or the tenant?

While you’re waiting for the answer to come in, consider unplugging the dryer briefly to see if it can then re-set itself.

If the lint tray has not been cleared lately, it’s conceivable a heat sensor is being triggered and the unit turns itself off by design to prevent overheating.

As a renter in Quito once, my housekey snapped off in the lock -- and was stuck there -- as I attempted to enter the apartment.  The landlord later came to collect the locksmith’s fee from me.  I explained that the key broke in normal use so I shouldn’t have to pay.  That satisfied the landlord, who didn’t press the issue. 

cccmedia in Quito

Thanks señor ccc, I'll see if the reset works with the next load. I'll also research heat sensor and see if there's something there I can do.

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