Men’s tailor in Quito

Any recommendations for a good men’s tailor in Quito?  Someone who can tailor men’s clothing similar to quality at Massimo Dutti at Quicentro? A couple of expats blogged about a couple of tailo’s and while cheap, the quality appeared lacking.

I haven’t found a tailor to my liking yet - judging by their work. A couple have said bring a suit you like and I’ll make one like it. I don’t think so as I need to see a quality finished product first. However, there are top quality locally made wool/cashmere overcoats and trench coats at ½ the cost of similar quality coats in North America and Europe. I bought one such coat that was altered to fit me perfectly. The purchase made sense because the price reflected the labor and services cost in this country. So while some imports are prohibitively expensive. I’m quite pleased that there are some very good quality locally made products. You won’t realize this value if you look at lower/middle end of products but look at quality made wool/leather products and compare them to quality products abroad and you’ll understand.

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