Dettol/Lysol Spray


I have scoured the grocery stores and can not find a Quality Disinfectant Spray.
Has anyone found a place that carries UK or USA products such as Dettol or Lysol spray.
I would really love to find the Dettol laundry products if anyone happens to know.

Thanks & Cheers!

try upstairs at Ankor Market

Thanks! do you happen to know the address?

only 3 supermarkets in S.R. any tuk tuk driver will know it

didn't know you are in P.P. I only know  Siem Reap

Hi. I got my Lysol Spray from Bayon Supermarket, which is near Central Market.

Tel: 023 881 266
#33-34, Street 118    Phnom Penh


Thaihout Market BBK1 , ST63 corner 352

Thanks, I just went back there and got it.
I think they must run out then take a long time to re-stock...

Yes, I would like to find the Dettol laundry sanitizer (sanitiser)....What price do you have on Lysol spray?  You can email me: *

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