Laundry facilities in Beijing

I will be in Beijing for a month,  where can i get my clothes washed?  These are just jeans and t shirt, so no dry cleaning is needed.

Are you looking for a laundromat or a washing/drying service?  If a washing/drying service, there are many Fornet laundries around Beijing.  It is a French-based franchise.
Laundromats are most difficult to find.  The only other place for laundry could be a "find" in the neighborhood where you will stay or perhaps this company, LaundryTown..Wechat ID: laundrytown
Email: beijingteam[at]

Thank you, David!  Very helful!

Where do you plan to stay while in Beijing.  Perhaps I could assist in pinpointing a cleaning service.

I will stay near the China People's Palace, in West District.  It is about 1 km from the "FuXingLu" Metro Station.  Thanks again, David.

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