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I have an older car. It's in the process of being restored. It's my baby and have no desire to ever get rid of it. It's a '78 Chevy Nova and mechanically sound. Will there be any issues shipping or liscensing it when we decide to get there? Here, it doesn't have to go through emmisions because of how old it is. Does PR have a similar standard?

I hate to be a Debbie downer but Puerto Rico is ROUGH on cars. Between the salt air, blazing sun and pock marked roads deterioration is sped up quite considerably. I knew this coming in but once you're actually driving here for a few years it's shocking how much damage nature can do to your car. I won't even go into the electrical problems. If I were you, I would leave your sweet ride with a relative so you can drive it around when you eventually visit the mainland. Besides, it will cost you between 1-2k just to ship it. That's before taxes and I think, import fees. Here are some links to further information:

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Damn it! I really love my car. It's part of my identity. Crap.  OK, time to revamp plan.

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