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I have just moved to Bogota a few days ago. I will start work in the first week of July.
My passport expires in 2018 but I have only two blank pages left. I would like to apply for a new passport but I have no idea how to do that - there seems to be no South African Consulate in Bogota.
I would like to find out how do I go about applying for a new passport.

Thank you for your help!

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Contact your nearest SA Embassy or Consulate

Hi Winsome
You need to contact the Sa embassy in Venezuela.  MotaS[at]    She has helped us many times.   It is quite a mission and can take up to 8 months so get started now.  You will need to do a money transfer and fill in a bunch of forms.  The most complicated is the fingerprint form.  You need to go to Dian for that - notaries do not do it.... I learned the hard way. 
Good luck!

1. You do a search for South African Embassy.
2. You select the closest geographycal location to you, of an embassy or consulate for your country of origin.
3. Find the contact information on that site.
4. You write an email or call them and ask them about replacing your passport.
5. You follow the steps they give you to get your new passport.

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