Service dog to SMA

I plan to travel to Mexico to check out retirement options. I am looking at SMA and Puebla specifically.
I can either fly into Leon and make my way to SMA, or fly into Puebla direct from Houston.  Does anyone know from personal  experience about inspection process for my canine? Is there an inspection station at both Puebla and Leon airports? Will I have any difficulty flying with him in cabin within Mexico, as they are not bound to ADA (American Disability Act), or should I entertain renting a car once I land, and drive between the two cities? Our stay would be 3 weeks. I flew last year to Mexico and stayed in Lake Chapala,  so I know the process to some extent, but concerned as to changing destinations within Mexico.  My canine is a "real" service dog, not emotional support, or pet quality dog.  Am I going to meet resistance when entering banks, restaurants, taxis? Thank you in advance! … s/?site=us

"•Certified, professionally trained service animals that assist customers with disabilities. In some cases, a certificate stating that the animal is trained to assist the customer with a disability may be requested. These animals can travel on board next to the customer with a disability. According to applicable Health and Aviation regulations, transportation of animals in the passenger cabin is allowed only for guide dogs and some service animals accompanying customers with disabilities. Animals that may pose a threat to the health or safety of passengers and crew are not permitted, such as reptiles, ferrets, spiders, rodents, ponies, pigs and/or monkeys that, because of their size or health restrictions, cannot be admitted in the passenger cabin.

Guide dogs traveling with a passenger with a disability must be vaccinated, clean and on a leash. If you are traveling with a service animal, you must provide a certificate on your doctor’s letterhead, stating that you require the services of this animal due to your condition. This certificate must be issued no more than a year before your travel date. You must also consider that your service animal must fulfill local requirements or your destination(s)."

My guess about entering businesses is if you translate into Spanish your documents and if someone tells you pets are not allowed inside give them the Spanish copy of your documents for your service dog and they will left you in with him/her. Here I see service dogs with a Mexican government department logo and  "dog of assistance" in Spanish on a yellow vest that indicates it is a certified servide dog.

Thank you so much for the information.  One of the US airlines, who shall remain nameless because this requirement is illegal, by Federal statutes, within US territories, had requested the letter prior to my trip to the Lake Chapala visit last year.  I explained to her, but since I was due to see my doctor that week, I asked the doctor to draft a letter stating the necessity of my dog in assisting me in everyday activities.   While I never had to present it, I kept it in my service dogs folder.  I also had his English patch translated to Spanish and sewn onto his vest, (which is on him anytime he is out of the home).  His assistance is a deal breaker for me...if I cannot have his assistance in the community, I have to look elsewhere.  You have given me hope that all will work out for us.  Thank you again.

Also, no one answers at the Senasica office.  Is there a way to contact the inspection offices directly at the airports of BJX and PBC.   Last year I had to give 24 hr. notice of my arrival,  in order that a vet would be available to do the exam.

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