How I came to Cebu...

After living in Switzerland for 40 years, working as a Graphic Designer, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist, it somehow happened that I didn’t come back from my holiday in Bali. I stayed there for 7 month, then went back to Switzerland for 1 month where I had to organise a few things as I didn’t plan to stay abroad ;-)

Then I went to India for a 6 month Yoga Therapy training and then back to Bali. As my Visa expired after 2 month, I had to leave Bali. Two of my friends from Switzerland went for a dive tripp in the Philippines just on time, so I decided to meet them there and reniew my Visa for Bali. But then I met some amazing people here and ended up teaching Yoga as a volounteer in a Health Institute here in Cebu. I also do their graphics.

After so many years in the corporate world I feel like it’s time for me now to help to make this world a better place. And in the Philippines there’s so much to do. So it’s just perfect: I can use my skills to help and I do what I love.

I don’t know yet how long I’ll stay in Cebu and the Philippines but I’d like to connect with other expats living here. Who’s up for a drink, dinner, dancing, sports, a tripp to the beach or just sharing and listening to each others experiences and have a good laugh?

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I'm not there yet but will be soon. Hope to meet you then. It will give you time to gather some experiences to share.

hi rodney,

thanks for your message. have you been living in cebu before?
let me know when you're here. i just got my 6 month visa for the philippines :-)


karin -how long have you been in cebu?

i'm in the philippines since 2 month and in cebu since a bit more than 3 weeks now :-)

Hi Jussieu, my name's YC, from Malaysia. I am actually in the midst of making a decision as I've just gotten a job offer to work in Manila, Philippines. Wondering is it advisable to take up this job and challenges as I have no one, friends, families or people I know there.

hi tyridiculous
well, i think the first thing you have to think about is if you really want to live in manila. making friends and finding places you like will happen if you give it some effort.

i live in cebu now since 5 weeks and i must say that this city really sucks. as soon as i step out of my house i'm in the middle of an ugly city with incredible traffic, it's loud and polluted. there is no nature at all to withdraw. i miss nature a lot and i feel like i'm getting depressed here. of course i can make a trip to the mountains or a beach but it takes time to get there. sometimes i just want some quality time, sit under a tree and look into the green or having lunch outside. but there is no way :-(

do you live in a city right now?

Hi Jussieu, thanks for the details, and it's sad to hear what you're experiencing now. Well, I am living in a city right now, but there's trees everywhere, and accessible to open fields at anytime.. Making friends sure is something that I look forward to but, since I'm here because of a job offer and not vacation, i'm in a dilemma right now, not sure whether to pursue career growth there or.. :) Have a great day ahead!

I've just posted a new Topic about Cebu (Cebu - What's all the fuss about?") and you seem to reiterate my thoughts. I just don't get it?

Feel free to comment on the topic and/or message me privately with your thoughts/experience(s) etc.
Kindest regards,


Hi Priscella,

I am a new member and would like to met members here,  would be happy to met you soon.

Cebu sounded so good in the beginning but I don't want to be in crowded big city. I've decided to start out at a beach resort in Puerto Galera that has a more relaxed atmosphere to acclimate for a few months. Did you get a 6 month visa after you arrived or before? I arrive in 3 weeks.

Hi karen,

Im sorry that you feel that way, living in a city is not really good to stay with pollution,traffic,noise, crowded and etc...

If You like to be close to trees, mountain and beach you can do that, that is what im doing if i feel stress i go to province for the weekend though it will take you for a while but its worth the wait...i dont blame the city coz city is a city, money is Here.

hi rodney,

yes, i know what you mean. it's not easy for me either to be in this city either. so much noise and pollution. but there are also advantages. i have friends her and i can teach yoga and go to the gym.
what are you doing in the resort where you're staying?
i was actually thinking of teaching yoga in a resort. would be a nicer place than in cebu...

i got a visa on arrival as i didn't plan to stay for longer in the philippines. then i got a one month extension and then a 6 month extension.


Hi I'm in CEBU however I don't think.. I can handle spending a good time drinking coffee and having chit chat with you.. Im not good at dealing people.. I mean I'm Shy. ^_^

Thank you for the informative reply. I was going to ask you about how you handled the visa extensions. What way you handled it sounds like it will work for me as well. I'm going to chill at the resort for a while to acclimate. The resort has a good deal for long term stays including meals. Yoga would probably be a nice addition to any resort. I would like to travel the islands to see what area suits me best.

Do you still have to have proof of departure plans when you get your visa extension?

i did not have to show anything. in cebu it was very easy and fast to extend.
6 month is about 260$.

good to hear. I arrive on the 29th

Hard to believe what a lack of nature can do to a persons mindset. Ive been living in cebu city for 4 months and it can wear you down....Thats what yoga is for right? I tried joing yoga here but it became more of a hassle then it was worth. im a long distance runner so im glad i got backup!

Hi there,

How are you! I need to welcome you here in cebu...i hope you will enjoy your stay here..i would love to met members wella anyway. If you have any question or you need help just dont hesitate to ask me.


Still feeling the same about Cebu? I can't see myself living in a urban environment. Some of the condo deals are hard to pass up but crowds and traffic and high rise buildings is what I came here to get away from. Admittedly being close to an airport has it's advantages for frequent travelers.  Besides more places to acquire "stuff", what draws you to Cebu? Art? Theater? Culture?
I'm curious.

hm... what was the problem with your yoga classes?

the thing is that here in cebu all the studios offer the same thing: vinyasa, power and ashtangha yoga. very fast and intense. and it's all about eating and chatting after class and taking pictures and selfies even during class. people need to slow down here and go inwards instead of jumping from one superfcial pose to the other with no alignment at all.
i teach the opposite: slow but intense hatha yoga with lots of awareness to the body and mind – actually what yoga is all about. but i have a hard time to bring this to the people here. they don't know it, so they stick to the stuff they know. filipinos are not very open to new and are not very creative – in general ;-)

i hope you're find your way to live y good life here. and if not – there are other places on the planet :-)

If you ever take your yoga class on the road I'd like to try it. Probably a half dozen living at this resort in Puerto Galera would participate.

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