Banks in Puerto Rico

I currently am a Wells Fargo customer. I might keep it after I move to PR, but will want to open a bank account in PR.
What is your favorite PR bank? One with the least amount of fees and has the most ATM access across the island. Branco Popular? Scotiabank? Other???

Thanks in advance.

Definitely, Banco Popular.

I have Banco Popular, they charge like 45 for checks of which I have yet to write one, they charge 5 dollars a month if your balance falls below 500 and 4 a month if 500 or above. Since I have yet to use the cards and checks all I seen is 3 dollars a month deduction up to this point. It is very popular bank but many people I talked with say to use a credit union instead which are cheaper, but I do not know for sure as not yet living there and not using a checking account extensively.

I set up Banco Popular because it was the only bank that would let me open a checking account without a PR permanent address. None of the others would let me open the account without some proof of living in the island.

I would suggest to get a BPP account at first to move money from the states and help you get established. After you are in the island and have a permanent address shop around for a better deal.

Most ATMs -- Banco Popular. I get charged no fees for having a balance above $500. I don't know why Rey gets charged. I have both a debit card and a credit card.

We have a BPP account since we can do everything on line.  We used to transfer money from our mainland account. We like it because any transaction we do send us an alerts and keep us informed of the balance. No issues so far.

I have Santander. It is fine.

Just my opinion but I would keep the Wells Fargo or another mainland account as a back up. I got rid of mine and I regret it, mostly due some issues with paychecks from other countries and wire transfer ease of use. (We have BP)

Definitely keep a stateside bank. Most people use their debit cards in lieu of cash down here. At first, I thought it was kinda strange but I like not having bunches of loose change everywhere. When I need cash, I just get it from my banks ATM at no charge. I always carry cash but rarely use it.

I have a banco popular e-account, I have direct deposit and as a result, I am not charged a monthly fee, no matter what the balance is.

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