Hyndai accent Car keys damaged

My dear friends, my car key have completely damaged after falling from three-storey staircase and it broke open into many pieces. I patiently joined the pieces one by one and luckily  I am able to unlock my car door manually but the remote sensor does not work.

I live in Riyadh can anyone in this forum help me where to get it repaired in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The car that i currently have is a rent a car and I am afraid the rent a car company may over charge me for the damage occurred accidentally.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Kind Regards


You could maybe try going to a hyundai dealer, just do a search. But I would think only the car rental place would be able to replace it, being a car remote and everything.  I can't imagine they would charge you more than the cost of the remote.

Thank you for your response.

I have visited Batha (al-Ghurabi street) in Riyadh during my weekend and managed to fix the keys and its working fine now.




1) Any accidental damage to the car and its parts is fully covered under comprehensive insurance policy. Have you inquired from your insurance guy? :dumbom: 

2) Most probably your car is leased from a bank or a leasing company. As a policy and a legal requirement, the leasing company keeps a duplicate key along with its remote in their file, check if you can "borrow" it. :)

3) Ask a Pakistani friend to take the remote to Lahore or Karachi, it can be rebuilt with in an hour at an expense of SR 50 to 100 as long as you have not lost the "Frequency emitting diode" since this has to match with the circuitry in the car.

Let us know how you resolve this problem. :)

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