Business or Tourist Visa for Job Seekers?

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A similar question was posted in this thread:
but I was wondering if anything has changed since 2014.

Basically, my friend and I are considering going to Vietnam to look for a teaching job. We thought of getting a business visa on arrival through an agency, but the more we read about the procedure, the more contradictory information we get. One agency told us that we need a sponsor to get a business visa. Another claims that we do not need a sponsor and they can get us a business visa for one year. That sounds very tempting, but I've read that you can work without a work permit for up to three months only. So my questions are:

1. Is it possible to get a business visa on arrival without a sponsor (future employer)?

2. Can you work on a business visa without a work permit for more than three months? I know that some people have their visas extended, but is it legal?

3. Or perhaps it would it be easier and better to enter Vietnam on a three-month tourist visa (as was explained in that thread from 2014) and pressure the school to get us a work permit (we already have all the necessary documents legalized) when we find a job?

I'm worried that an agent will lie to us and we won't be allowed to enter Vietnam when we arrive.

Do you have any advice you could spare?

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