Lease or Buy Used or New Car

Which is the best recommendation concerning a vehicle (SUV) ?

1. To lease a new car
2. To buy a new car
3. To lease a used car
4. to buy a used car
What are their price range?

Thanks in advance...........

The answer to your question depends on your situation. A few factors that have to be taken into account:

1) How long to you intend to be in Bahrain?
  - If its a short term assignment, then leasing is preferred. If you plan to be here for an extended period, you may wish to consider buying.

2) Will you be travelling long distances - such as driving to Saudi Arabia - on a regular basis?
  - If so, you may wish to use a leased vehicle, rather than your own.

3) Would you have time to take care of the annual registration, servicing, maintenance, etc?
  - Leasing companies usually take care of all these matters for you. You have to do everything by yourself (can send someone else too) if you own the vehicle.

At end of lease you simply return the vehicle. If your own the vehicle, you can sell it and get some money out of it.

New car vs used car decision also follows a similar pattern of thinking. New car gives a lot longer period of trouble free use compared to used cars. Cost of buying a new car is substantially more than a used car.

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As a side note, I own my vehicle. I prefer this option personally.

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