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Ladies and Gentlemen,

For the last few years I have been working on my assistant skills, researching, providing information, country bureaucracy and so on.  I found out that I enjoy this type of work and I do not mined digging into the process and getting dipper.  I did my work mainly from my computer, phone calls and emails.
During my experiences I found out, that some people prefers not to engage with this type of things, they are often irritated and feel it is waste of time.
So I was wondering, should I offer assistant and researching as a services and are there people who will use it? What do you guys think about it?

Thank you in advance.


It depends on what you would be offering. Are you talking about offering assistance to expats relocating to Bulgaria? Or office assistance to people working in Bulgaria? It is unclear exactly what you are talking about.

Also, I would be hesitant to hire anyone to communicate on my behalf that did not have an impeccable level of English, so would you be representing your clients in the Bulgarian language as opposed to English?

There are clients for almost every business out there, but it is a matter of defining your services and offering something that is either in high demand or that no one else offers.

Thanks for the question Kojidae.

I am offering assistance to expats and locals in Bulgaria.


Hi Genoveva1,

Are you offering your services for free?

Do note that promoting your services is prohibited on the forum, unless you offer advices for free.


Priscilla ;)

Hello Genoveva i think you can help me 
I think you speak Bulgalgarian.I need some help for to start a farm.***

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Hello Priscilla,

No this is not an offer.


Hello Bart,

I had a similar researching project.

You have to decide what kind of farm you want - vegetables or animals.
The lend that the farm will be on must have the correct status, this is in the municipality.
Than you have to go to Ministry of agriculture and apply to receive permission.
The process is not very complicate. Good luck


To All,

Thank you for your opinion and time.


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