any special ed teachers here


i am a teacher here in china.  i teach english language classes.  i am also a SE teacher by trade.  i notice in my classes that there are students with learning disabilities.  not sure what to do.  have talked with fellow chinese teachers and they understand the situation and are stuck too.  see in the program that i teach in we are getting students ready to go to america to study.  this really worries me because they have problems with chinese and extreme problems with english. 

does anyone have a solution, or is anyone finding a way work with these students?

pm me please

hi   where you at what do you teach

I am a long time teacher in China...currently in well qualified...although in China that means nothing....I also qualified in SE teaching and have spent more than 15 years in 3 different countries teaching the kids with special needs...that satisfy you ??? as I said... PM me please ..

This is a very good observation and question. I too have a teaching certification in special education from the states. I have noticed AU students in my class as well as LD students. I have tiered instruction for these students the same way I would do for a student in the U.S. Differentiation is important no matter what level the student. In addition, to scaffolding instruction and providing various teaching modalities definitely improves the students learning. I think a problem here is that they don't provide these students with pull out and small group instruction. The two interventions would be advantageous for the unidentified special ed student. I would recommend you to go to and teacher tool kit for some resource and strategies for these type of students.

Its a great site for materials....however with class sizes usually in excess of 50 students... how the hell can you offer special teaching for those in need....and guess what...the system here doesn't care if they are left out of it....

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