I'dlike to live in Chai Mai

I am a retired American citizen who has been living legally in Argentina as a tourist. Since I'm  not  a "resident" of Argentina, the Consul General at the Thai Consulate said that she couldn't issue a long term visa to me.I would have to go to a Thai Consulate in the U.S. to get this visa.
I Have not spent more than 4 days a year in the U.S., since 1998. Could I go to Thai Consulate in another country to get a visa?
I am financially secure and have no thought of working. A Thailand Elite visa doesn't seem like a good idea. A visa run every 90 days would be fine ,but not every 60 days.
I'd appreciate any thoughts and ideas.

Since you use the term retired I will assume you are at least 50 years old and will respond accordingly but just in case you hit critical mass early in life your visa options will be different.

Long term visa's for Thailand can only be obtained in the country that issued your passport so trying another country will do you no good and in your case the USA is your only option for obtaining long term visa.

The government has clamped down on people doing repeated tourist visa's or visa exempt entries to remain in Thailand long term so that is only a short term option.

I suggest you return to US and obtain Non-Imm Type O-A visa which will be good for one year.  You can look up requirements on internet but it will most likely take a few days more than the 4 days you usually spend in USA.  This visa gives you a full year stay upon arrival allowing you time to understand procedure and requirements to obtain yearly extension.

Check with Thai consulate in Argentina to see if they will issue you a Non-Imm "O" visa good for 3-6 months for the purpose of investigating Thailand as retirement location. Once in Thailand you can then apply for one year extensions for purpose of retirement.

Another option is to arrive with 60 day tourist visa, which can be extended for another 30 days in Thailand, and convert to Non-Imm "O" visa at minimum 15 days before visa or 30 day extension expires.  I here Chiang Mai wants minimum 21 days before and they make so difficult you are forced to use agent.

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