Final Exit after stuck for two years

My name is Shahbaj Shaikh. i am working in Unique Vision (small construction company) in jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I was brought here by my distant relative who was also manager in this company. He brought me on outside visa and said will transfer on his employer within 3 months but he didnt.He was doing it through pakistani agent.The pakistani agent here kept my passport for two years and also iqama and didnt transfer. Failing to do so my original employer on whose visa i had come put exit on my iqama.I got to know about exit one and half year later.ii tried talking to the agent who kept demanding more and more money but telling lies and he didnt do it. also there are other people in my company who came through this agent visa and he still didnt do their iqama and doing fraud. i stayed here on account of relative who repeatedly promised giving iqama. I went to Embassy and registered complaint there, they told they cant do anything and told to talk to original employer and sort it out.i also went to jail two times for not having iqama but they let me loose after doing my finger print. i tried transferring my iqama on other employer but labour office said i have exit on my iqama first i should remove it and then it can be transferred. my exit only shows in labour office. I dont have my sponsor number to contact because the agent in between who is pakistani is not giving his number and demanding money. please help me to come back. i cant go anywhere form here as i dont have iqama and now sitting in room for past 5 months. also i didnt get salary for that too.please help me.

I got my sponsor number and spoke to him. he said he will renew my exit but now he is not picking up my phone at all. i went to embassy but they told go to najran but i dont know my kafil address and i dont know if he wil pick up phone also i dont have enough money as im at home for so many months. i heard about tarheel office but dont where they are in jeddah and dont know if they can help me. also heard that iqama renewal is not necessary now if i want to go final exit. please help me and guide me what to do.

I think there's a way to get deported if you are a runaway and you go to the labor office or something like that...Don't lose hope...Embassy will help you out...

the embassy said they can't do anything. only sponsor can do whatever it has to be done. they just said we cant help you. i am not runaway.

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