Zurich: the most expensive European city for expatriates

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If you are looking forward to settle in Zurich, here's what you need to know about the cost of living in this city.

Thanks to the strong Swiss franc, Switzerland remains the most expensive destination in Europe for expatriates. In the latest cost of living survey report released on Wednesday 8 June by ECA International, Zurich ranks as the most expensive city in Europe for expatriates  and 2nd worldwide.

During this survey, 450 cities around the world were assessed on several criteria, namely the price of food, basic amenities of and clothing, outings and eating out, consumption of alcohol and tobacco, among others.

However, some costs such as rent, charges and school fees are not included because, according to ECA International, otherwise they are cleared through employment contracts to which expatriates are entitled. ECA International points out that expatriates are usually entitled to an allowance so that their purchasing power is not compromised in their host country.

Note that Zurich ranks 1st for the second consecutive year in Europe. Moreover, the city has overtaken Luanda to rank 2nd worldwide.

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