Introduce yourself: Travel blogger

Hi guys,

Thought I would introduce myself on here since my next destination is Germany to live. I am originally from canada but have been living in Chile the last 2 years. I work online as a travel blogger (latest piece here: to help create useful content for fellow travellers. I'll be heading to Germany in September to make it my "home-base" for a bit. This will be my 3rd time in Germany and so I look forward to following the Germany forum to get caught up on what's new and happening within the country!


Hi and welcome. Do you speak German? I want to go as well, but I speak no German. If I did go  I to would use Germany as my base for travel. My house is in Bitburg, so very centrally located to visit many countries. Where in Germany are you going?

Hello everyone.Well ...I don`t know what to tell you,but somebody say language is learning faster in the country  you want to go.

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