Passport Expired

Dear Friends.

My passport was expired in Dec 2015 and now i have to go back to my country urgently. can i left the country with expired passport


Being in a foreign country with an expired passport is likely to leave you open to problems if anyone should check.

I would suggest going to your embassy as soon as possible, taking as much documentation with you as you can, including your expired passport.

Hi HeartDisk,

You do know what the word 'expired' means, right ? One of this word's meaning is 'to emit the last breath; die.'

If your passport has expired, then that's exactly what it means ... that your passport's life  has come to an end. And so your passport is no longer valid.

So if you are staying in a foreign country with an expired passport that means, you are staying without officially authorized papers. This in itself is an offence.

Go to your nearest embassy and request for a new book to be issued. Once you get your new passport, take your company PRO / or your sponsor with you and go to the Directorate General of Civil Status and make sure all necessary and required updates are done without any delay.

The longer you delay these formalities, the more will be the risks you will be taking.

And, just to let you know, there is no way you will be allowed to exit the country with an expired passport.

Even if you sneak out (if such a thing can even be considered as possible), your mother-country will not allow you entry, since you have arrived with an invalid document.

Quickly go to your embassy and explain your case and try and get yourself a new passport.

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