Where to rent motorbike with big storage under seat?

Looking for something like Yamaha Grande or Honda Lead that will fit a grocery bag under the seat.

All the motorbike rental shops I've been to have only bikes with middle raised section between legs or Attila Sym with very small under seat compartment.

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homelikeapartment :

Went to location yesterday but no bikes there.  Only saw pool table and small bike rental sign Cho Thue Xe .  Tried calling but person didnt speak English.

You should call the phone which i had send to you
This address many foreigner rent here and cheap, simple document
How long you rent bike?

Moderator removed number.  Can you send number to me in private message? 

l already went to location and called number on sign but person did not speak English.

you can contact *****

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I wonder if nouvo 4 is ok for you, searching it and contact me if you concern

homelikeapartment :

you can contact *****

You still don't seem to get how to do this.

1.  Click on the circle next to Goreme's name.  As he does not have an avatar it is blank.
2.  That should open a new tab with his info.  It may be a new window depending on your browser.
3.  Look for the bar that says:  Send a message.
4.  Give him all the self promotional info you like.

Sorry Goreme.  :(

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