Expand your social circle in Thailand

Hello everyone,

Moving to Thailand means leaving one's family and friends behind. Creating a circle of friends or joining an existing one should therefore be paramount in order to fight loneliness in your host country.

But how can one develop a social network in Thailand? Where and how to meet people there?

How easy is it to meet locals? What about cultural specificities?

Share your advice and experience!

Many thanks in advance,


I can´t give any tips for foreigner social network.

I have a few friends here i know from my country, and 1 from my home country i found here in Thailand. We only have contact on mobil / internet, As we live too far apart.

Beside that all my social live is with Thai people.

I chose to live this way, as i find the foreigner i have meet here in Thailand are very close mind, And their live style is not really what i enjoy in live.

I love Thai people, all ways have time, all ways up for fun, get together, eat food, enjoy live, And Thai never afraid to act like a child again.
I love it that Thai can get together for a great time, and don´t NEED to drink to have fun.

Thai friends are super easy to find, walk out your door, And there is million of Thai people ready to be you friend.
Thai love to be a good "host", show you the good people, good live in Thailand.
And they only hope you say, I am so happy now, I (You) enjoy my time and live here, Thailand is a good / great country.
Their fell so happy when their make other fell good about live.

I move around a lot in Thailand, And every where i live, Thai invite me to join the live there, Invite me inside the house, home, family.
Thai are very open mind, open hearth good people. (Sure Thailand have bad people all so, every country do)

Some tips.
Be clean, have clean clothes on, and a big smile, Thai love to see this.

Don´t walk with a smoke in you mouth, Don´t walk around drink beer(s).
Be polite, Think of others before your self.

Luckily in Hua Hin we have Pickleball which acts as our common denominator for players from many countries in Europe, several USA states, Canada, Australia, etc.

I met most of my friends here in the church. Then some Thai friends through my co-workers. We organize dinner or out-of-town trips with their family that's where we bond and build friendship.

I have been so negative about Thailand that I stopped posting, but now that am traveling around Thailand, I feel like the main reason some Thai people don't seem friendly has to do with the fact they are afraid to try to speak to you, if you don't speak or understand Thai. This has always been my problem, that I don't speak or understand Thai, so that is why the Thai people don't seem to want to speak to you.  This is my problem, not the Thai people's problem. And I was born with a learning disability so I will never be able to have long conversation with the Thai people, no matter how much I want to learn, this is torture for me, my whole wife's family speaks Thai, even though 50% of them can speak English very well. I understand it's easier to speak your native tongue, but it leaves me out in the cold. But am enjoying my traveling, staying at some hotels & using ABB, meet other Expats. It is what it is.  Patrick

I was working as a teacher in Thailand in four different locations. Two of them Sisaket and Bueng Kan, had a few expats to speak and mix with. In the one place in Central Thailand where I was the only farang it was much harder, I must say. I was in the centre of it all in Bueng Kan and had a great social life with the expat rubber farmers. I was further out in Sisaket province which made it harder. In each place, the lov
Cal people were great. I used the train service at weekends to get around to Bangkok and other large towns. I was on the move all of the time. My spell in Satuek, near  Buriram was spent using bus services too. I had a great time in Thailand!!!!!

Hi Priscilla,

I've tried lots of ways of meeting local expats here in Phuket (where some 15,000 expats live year-round, which means some 4000 English-speakers, the rest being German, Russian, etc. with not such good English-lang. skills).  Since 2009.  I really tried at first, once I rented a house, and found people to come for drinks or a garden barbecue.  But after a few years of trying various expat social clubs here in Phuket and hosting a few drinks/BBQ evenings, I've just given up and spend most all the time at home, in front of one the many screens here - being online socially, doing emails, watching films etc., or reading.

If you have  a child in school in Thailand, that gives an automatic way of meeting people -- other parents.  If you're married, that helps, since other couples want to hang out in couples.  But I'm retired, after 30 years in Paris (where 1/2 the population lives alone, although it is an extremely social city).  I don't have a Thai wife... which excludes me from many expat club gatherings.

Actually, rather than whither away in another few decades here in Phuket, I'm thinking about spending more time on the Greek islands (much nicer - and the same prices - as Phuket) or Mexico.


Hello Bill,

I am a member of that platform since several years, actually since the time I firstly came  in 2012 to Phuket, but never did any post as I was surprised by the over praising Thailand and was calmly waiting people to start realising what is really Thailand for foreigners and why was Phuket actually designed as it is.
I am so happy to meet a person sharing 100% of my opinion and giving a hope of foreigners` awakening. Thailand is a trap for most foreigners and they realise this very late.
I shall leave Thailand on the coming Saturday after closing all my contacts and whatsoever had in this country and shall return to the old and cultural established Europe considering Greece as well.
Shall be nice to hear from you on ***** and share common opinion.


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i hope you fine.can you give me your whats up number or other contact i will tell you?
where are you from?
where are you live now?

The groups really help and so would this Forum. I'm always up for meeting new friends. Get in touch with me. I've been here a long time so would love to help out.

You have a very good attitude my friend. I enjoyed your post. Thank you.

Hi There
Myself and my partner are moving to Thailand around November for 6 months ,to see if it is somewhere we would consider retirering too for 6 months of the year. We have visited BKK and Pattaya for nearly 10 times already over the years . We know what to expect however it would be nice for some one to point is in the right direction as to how to obtain good value health insurance and a ball part figure on renting a 1 bedroom apartment in Pattaya close to the beach .
Thank you all in advance of your reply.

Hi Neil 63,

keep on visiting Thailand for short  time, but never expect to be welcomed when settled for a long time there. Health care for expatriates is and shall remain horrible, expensive and unprofessional.
All expatriates settled or retiring in Thailand are either personae non grata  in their countries or persons with low self esteem looking for cheap. easy and simple contacts with local people and profoundly  senseless life.
Never met  quality people among expatriates in Thailand.
Do you want to become one of all those human rubbish?

Thank you for reply and honesty , I do realize that Thailand will always only be a holiday destination
for us, however as I said I am looking at staying for a max of 6 months , to see if it is somewhere I can
alternate between Spain and Thailand , whether we manage to stay as long as 6 months is left to be seen.
Can your recommend a good expat social club or would it be better to try an make friends with Thai people ? either way it is not that important as we just need a break from the Irish weather.

Hi Neil - I live in Phuket, a more expensive place than Pattaya.  You could probably find a 1-BR apt. in Pattaya for 10.000 B - good luck.

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