Expand your social circle in Sri Lanka

Hello everyone,

Moving to Sri Lanka means leaving one's family and friends behind. Creating a circle of friends or joining an existing one should therefore be paramount in order to fight loneliness in your host country.

But how can one develop a social network in Sri Lanka? Where and how to meet people there?

How easy is it to meet locals? What about cultural specificities?

Share your advice and experience!

Many thanks in advance,


Well well that is no problem to getting touch with locals. Locals will welcome you providing you get in to the right track. Be courteous and kind then there is  no problem. Just send me an email to me I will assist you. courty_36[at]
Wish you the best.

Dear Admin,
ever since i came to colombo i am trying to socialise through my office collegues , my clients and people i meet in parties etc and trust me it has helped me a lot . but one needs to be open for a conversation and i have found that most of the people here like to meet new faces and converse . We need to maintain respect and also should have the decency to respond and respect .
It has helped me and hope it will be helpfull to you all,

its not a big deal...:-)

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