Expand your social circle in India

Hello everyone,

Moving to India means leaving one's family and friends behind. Creating a circle of friends or joining an existing one should therefore be paramount in order to fight loneliness in your host country.

But how can one develop a social network in India? Where and how to meet people there?

How easy is it to meet locals? What about cultural specificities?

Share your advice and experience!

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I came to India out of curiosity and love for travel and new experiences. As a student, my first social circle happened to be other international students.. my circle has only expanded to other Expats and locals in my last 2 years and to be honest, i was forced to expand it after many of my new friends completed their courses and left.
Unlike other countries  I've been to, where connecting to the locals and making friends was pretty easy and fast, India is pretty different.  In my experience, it's easier to connect to other foreigners no matter what country they are from. There's something about our experiences here that just makes us all click. When it comes to the locals... hmmm ... it takes a bit more time and screening  but in the end you do meet locals you connect with and who add a great deal to your India experience.  So.. it's all about throwing yourself out there..  and being open. Smart, but open. :)
Where to meet people? If you're a student, college is a good bet. If you're working,  your workmates are a good start. If you're a tourist.. try random hangout places or online (Internations is a good site )

India is a country of differences and a lot of complexities. You will have lot of opportunities to interact with locals there- people from different cultures, religions and places. Give a personal ad in the local newspapers introducing yourself. You will get a lot of responses
Best wishes

Hey all,

I travel for work and work for travel

currently in mumbai. Lets meetup if u are around

Hi, welcome to india,
as you might have experienced India is highly diverse in cultural and traditional aspects.
most of the Indians are friendly,trustworthy,kind and caring but i request you to be alert all the time, you never known what can happen in future or in coming time.
As far as concerned about, expanding your social circle it depends on you and the environment you are residing and the different types of people residing near you.

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