Expand your social circle in Greece

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Moving to Greece means leaving one's family and friends behind. Creating a circle of friends or joining an existing one should therefore be paramount in order to fight loneliness in your host country.

But how can one develop a social network in Greece? Where and how to meet people there?

How easy is it to meet locals? What about cultural specificities?

Share your advice and experience!

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One of the most difficult problems to a person who leaves birth country to settle permanently in another is missing family and friends back home, and looking for a proxy agent which can substitute the gap. This problem may sometimes lead immigrants to feel lonely and may cause ill-health conditions depending on their age, travelling abroad experience, the nature of the new place, the behavior of the locals, the life style difference, unfamiliar culture and new traditions, the weather conditions and so on.
The above mentioned is generally to all immigrants moving out of their habitat to settle permanently in anywhere in the world.
Coming to Greece is somehow like travelling to another region of one’s home country, no matter where one comes from; the only difficulty is the language, except that it is natural, human, there is no extraordinary life style, no distinctively conservative taboo, they have highly friendly culture which fits all nations, high morality on respecting life and everything alive.
From my experience, it is advisable for the new guests to avoid limiting communication in a boundary only with those who speak same language or those who came from same country of birth.
1.    Try to rent where the Greeks live.
2.    Go out where they go for coffee, and for clubbing.
3.    Try to learn the language (language is the key tool wherever we go, language is family, language is nationality). Start learning at-least words of greetings and expressing thanks.
4.    Go to visit the museums, to the theaters, to Greek music nights (no matter if we don’t understand the language. After all music, theatre and dance show…. generally art is international and human language).
5.    Never feel shy to greet the Greeks, greet the neighbors living next door, greet the old woman waiting on a row at the banks, greet those sitting next table to you at events, and Of-course greet them in Greek language if possible. 

I never understand why it is considered normal to disagree with a passing by stranger while walking on the streets or driving in the city, we can easily disagree with a stranger within just ten minutes stay together waiting on a row to pay bills, yet we feel shy to greet people living in same apartment(building), in same floor with us, we never greet those sitting all the night next table to us at a music show.

I am the one who came to a foreign land, I am the one who suffers loneliness, so, I have to stop complaining, I have to stop being shy, I have to try my best to avoid the fear to be rejected and greet those around, speak to them, learn their language and try to make friends.
Here by I am forced to declare that, I am the type who greets everyone paying a gesture of looking at me, so that I can share the following memory.

I remember when I first came to Greece and begun greeting everyone around, the way the Greeks greeted me was as warm and friendly as welcoming a lost and found family member, and Of-course I remember the smiles on their faces shining like the brightest light on mid-day of a sunny mid-summer.

Greece and the Greeks are the most gracious host I have ever seen.

Hi am ajaib from india and carruntly living in Greece .Greece is a very good country in all of Europe.there people are very friendly very lovely and beautiful.This is a historical country and much places are for looking.Here island is beautiful place.I looking Greece is very 2 beautiful place aall in world

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