Moving to Dhahran, activities and language classes, university

Hello everyone,

We have been offered a salary to work in Dhahran. It is 20.000 SAR, furnished apartment is provided. We are a family of 4. My husband, me and two kids.
I would like to know if this salary is reasonable and how much education is for kids.
I would also like to get to know some mums with kids (I speak English, French and German).
Is it easy to obtain a nanny service?
Are there activities for kids such as swimming or dancing or football classes.
Is it easy to get around by bus?
Can women go out on their own, if they are accompanied by their children (4 and 2 years old)
I know this question sounds weird, but I would like to enjoy some social life when my husband is working.
Is it possible to have access to the Aramco compound?
Is there also a university in Dhahran where I could study or is there an option of Arabic language classes.
I am very interested in learning Arabic and Arabian culture.

A lot of questions but if you could help I would appreciate it very much.



Hello Sabrina and welcome to :cheers:

Kindly note that it is always best to create different threads and label them in the correct categories when you have different queries for better response :top:

I invite you to browse through the threads of the Dammam forum while waiting for members to revert back if they can help.

Best Regards

Dehran is a good city for expats n in this salary u can afford many things.

Thank you very much for your reply :)

Your welcome. If u need more information or details feel free to ask me but plz one by one :-)

in short , all the above mentioned things are easily accessible in this region only you need to make social circle with like minded ppl... its good enough salary .  you cant do many things ... but  few things.....having nanny is almost 2500 to 3000/m sar... for school of 2 kids min 6000 /month...

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