Why would a palestinian be prevented of entering Jordan?

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my palestinian husb is being prevented of crossing borders to Jordan, he needs to use airport to visit me abroad. The guards won't simply let him pass and won't tell him why, any palestinian know why would they do this?    :sosad:

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Can you tell us at what side/country  he face trouble?

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he faces trouble to cross from palestine to jordan (there's only one entrance for palestinians). The guards are jordanian not israeli, and they don't allow him in

I asked for you why this happens.
If he had ever did something against Jordan which the authorities disliked, he will never be allowed to enter. The immigration has the right to remind silence and they won't explain why he have a ban.

If this is the case, your husband is probably hidden something... as this is a serious matter.

There is no other choice than  to go to Egypt or flying via Tel Aviv.

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once he was allowed when he showed the air-ticket;

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