Searching for help on Adnoc offer

Dear members,
I have received and signed the employment offer  for the Sr. Petroleum Engineering position from Adnoc in late December 2015. I was told to wait until they call me to arrange the medical exam and visa application on Jan 28, 2016.   A month later, I submitted the reference letters as well pay stubs from the last 3 employers (over a period of 21 yrs) as requested.  Since then, I emailed Adnoc 4 times asking what the next steps are and so far not a single response from them.  I understand time are tough for the oil and gas sector but I expect, as a matter of courtesy and professionalism, a return of phone call or an email letting me know what the status of my offer is so I can move on with my life. Has anyone in this forum faced a similar situation that can share with me what I should do? Should I continue to email them or should I continue to wait?
Thank you for your help.

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