Moving to Turkey from canada

I've been thinking of moving to turkey for quite a while now, I've been to Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Izmir, and a few small cities. I would be coming alone and I'm thinking of Didim, Denizli or even Alaçatı. I'm not fluent in Turkish but I know just enough to get me around or hold up a small conversation. My idea is to move there rent a small place out and a job. But Can I work there ?
Do I need any paper work or need to wait a certain amount of time before I work ?
Is it safe for a 20 year old girl to live alone?

I would suggest that you find a job before moving to Turkey.

Further I would strongly suggest that you get your employer to actually arrange a work permit for you.
I cant stress enough on this. In the past two years I have heard from enough young individuals who came to Turkey, got work based only on a promise of work permit and eventually, got ripped off of any pay after being here for two or three months.

Legally, you do not have a standing against a cheating employer anyone if you do not have a work permit. Additionally, working without permit is a crime.

Also, steer clear of any random individual who offers any 'help' regarding work readily. Make sure you go through proper channels/offices.

Is it safe for a 20 y/o girl? It usually is, depends on the region you are in.

Good luck

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The safest & more European mindset is in Alacati which is 90kms to Izmir. Pls bear in mind that people work for 3-4 months in touristic regions like Alacati& Didim.

What kind of a job are you looking for? English teacher? If yes, better to work in Izmir and I totally agree that you should find job before your arrival-preferably at a private university-

And don't trust to anyone in Turkey even to the ones who seem to be educated. So come prepared by researching the economy, social background, education system and the political situation that the country is passing through right now, ask for advice to trusted people but don't think that you'll get used to the situation. Always cross check what people say and don't expect them to reply immediately. It can take about a week for a person to reply you from Izmir and I bet the answer won't be crystal clear which means you'll send another mail and wait unless you find a professional. I don't know you but as a person who just saw your post here, I felt responsible to warn you. Of course the decision depends on your priorities& expectations but don't jump into every proposal. If you want to live in a more professionals way, then focus on Istanbul.

Have a nice decision

Thank you so much I appreciate it :)

You're welcome.
Good luck

Hi Tinarez,
I'm canadian also, have u moved already?I'd be happy to be in tuch.
wish u luck,

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