Visit visa for Pakistani National

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I want to bring my cusion to Oman on visit visa so can anyone can assist me how I can get visit visa for him? can I get through travel agency.? if yes then kindly give me contact of tha travel agency and and can I get more the one month visit visa for my cusion or only I can get one month duration only?

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Hi W783,

Getting a non-family member on a visit visa is not easy.

The relationship of the person has to be proved first.

Travel agents can assist in getting a visit visa, but the costs would be exorbitant. Plus, the travel agent would book hotel rooms and plan a proper holiday package.

No one can arrange for just a simple visit visa. That has to be done by means of a local sponsor only.

eVisa facility is available for select nationalities. For details please refer to the website of the Royal Oman Police - Online Visa Application.

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Unfortunately, for a Pakistani national, getting a visa for someone who's not your relative is a real pain.  The sponsor is needed and there are plenty of formalities to  be done. I would suggest to search in your own city back there in Pakistan if some nice travel agent could guide you for a visit visa.

schaz thanks for valuable info

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