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Good day everyone!
I am a filipina working and living in Thailand, my boyfriend is Portuguese working in the UK. We are planning to get married by next year. What would be the best possible option that we can do and where?
If i go on a tourist visa in Portugal can i get marry by the duration of my vacation? Or any information please about a fiancè visa?

Your response will be very much appreciated.
Thank you very much

Under international laws, the portuguese consulate in the UK should be able to celebrate your wedding as well as the portugueses locals authorities.
Before coming, prepare all the papers that will be necessary for the wedding (your fiancé can find the information at the portuguese consulate).
In Portugal, you can get married also in a church provided that the priest is authorized to celebrate by law, so your fiancé can as well contact the priest for his family.
good luck !

Hi, I'm a Filipina and married to a Portuguese. As to your question/s:
1. Yes. You can get married in Portugal in the duration of your vacation provided you have all the necessary papers. Mine took a month to process.
2. Get a CENOMAR from the NSO in the Philippines and birth certificate.
3. All documents from the Philippines should be authenticated (by DFA) and officially translated to Portuguese.
4. You need to have the embassy of Philippines n Lisbon post your marriage banns. So the authenticated documents should again be authenticated by the embassy (redundant, I know)
I'm not very sure about the documents your fiancée needs to provide as it was my husband who worked on it. But as far as I can remember I only needed 2 documents from my end--CENOMAR and birth certificate.

Good luck!

Thank you very much for your response. Highly appreciate it :)

We might be having another option of getting married here in Thailand instead since he is not in Portugal, he is working in the UK.

Might you can give some advice.
After getting married here, what is the best thing that we can do so he can bring me with him in the UK? Or in Portugal? Do you have any idea?

Thank you once again

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