Junior Lawyers in Malta?

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Can please someone tell me what the job market for Junior Lawyers/Lawyers is in Malta at the moment?
1. Are there many young people that graduate from Law School and find it difficult to get a good job?
2. To become a lawyer in Malta, one needs to pass a dreaded Bar Exam, or the process is based only on registration with the local authority?

I am currently a Junior Lawyer in Romania. Passed the horrible Bar Exam in 2014 and I`ll take my final Bar Exam this autumn (after that I`ll be a full-rights Lawyer here). Currently I work in a local law firm. I also have a LL.M. in Business Law.
I have read that, in order to become a Lawyer in Malta, one needs to work as a Lawyer (in a law fIrm, I take it) for 3 years.

Taking into consideration all these aspects, could someone please tell me what wages I would need to settle for for those first 3 years and what the general perspective for this job is? Also, I believe following a postgrad course in Malta, focused on local laws would be helpful, but I do not know what the expenses for this would be or if there is any kind of funding available.

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I can,t  help you with the requirement to work in Malta as a lawyer but you will need to speak fluent Maltese and English.


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If have to show up in the court yes you have to speak Maltese. There are many junior lawyers here in Malta who work for firms and corporate groups without having to take any exam here.

The best thing to do is to send your CV to the recruitment agencies here as they are desperate or junior lawyers.

Betting Connections
Nichols Moisa
SpotOn Connections

just to name a few of the recruitment agencies.


I work in Malta for a hedge fund in Compliance. Think the market is pretty good. Feel free to ask any questions (I'm from the UK and trained in UK law).

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