Re-Locator Guide for Belize in July 2016

Hello Everyone

I really hope I have managed to post this to Belize community board!

My name is Carolyn and I'm an English lady that was born and brought up in Malaysia for over 40 years!! I live in the capital, Kuala Lumpur where I now manage a seafood restaurant. My mother who is now 79 years young (she looks and is young in spirit) and living alone in UK has just moved to KL 6 months ago.

I am and have been very serious about relocating to Belize and time and time again, Belize is the country that speaks the most loudest to me! I will retire soon, and as much as I love Malaysia, I am looking for a simpler life, where community is important and nature is all around. My mother agrees with me and she is just as excited as I am about discovering this gem of a country!

We fly to Miami International Airport at the end of June and will spend one or two nights there (flexible) so that Mum can recover from the 10 hour flight from London. If anyone can recommend where to stay near Miami International Airport and where to fly from by small plane to Belize. Or do we have to take a big plane to Philip SW Goldson Airport? Any ideas please on what would be best would be hugely appreciated! Mum doesn't need a wheelchair, uses a walking stick now and then.

The main question/request is this: can we please get a Re-Locator Guide for one or two or maybe 3 days? It wouldn't necessarily be all day touring. No "salesman" types please, if you understand what I mean. We would like to find about property, actual living there, the people, the different areas, medical, health and general info. We would like to see some of the Cayes too. Naturally, we would pay the going rate for a tour guide.

** I am so looking forward to hearing from you in Belize!!!!

Warm regards


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Hello, my name is Luis. I am A Belizean by birth, and I do live here.
you will need to catch a large plane from Maimi to Belize, but once you are here we have smaller planes that can take you anywhere you want to go inland, to the islands, to the south. or by public bus, or just rent a small vehicle to tour the mainland. I hope you enjoy Belize when you come. have an awesome day.

Ola Luis!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me with your advise. What a nice guy! I have found someone from Canada who with his wife will show my mum and I around Belize for a few days. I believe we are coming to San Ignacio first, tour around the mainland and the 2nd week we hit the Cayes. I can't wait ~ uber excited!!

Dude, hope you're having an awesome day too.

Hello dear.
Having lived in Kl and Kk, I know what a long traveling trip it will be. The jet lag sits in for sure.
For your transit in Miami, you could stay inside the airport at the hotel.
I find that convenient. I would almost suggest to stay two nights to overcome your fatigue.
I have a nice prooperty on the Bahia of Chetumal in Mexico at the brorder .and for sure always thought i should have chosen Belize. Hopefully it sells quickly.  I would like to move to San Ignacio or San Pedro on Ambergris Caye.   Below I will detail.
San Ignacio has hills and rivers. A nice retreat in the mountain the Blancaneaux lodge, owned by Francis Ford Coppola and many other nice hotels, Spanish Lock Out the Mennonites village, well equiped for shopping in that part of the world, mainly with products coming from USA. Asians stores well stocked, and Belizean super market like Brodies, in Belize city and Belmopan and and and etc.
San Pedro, could be me my other option, just taxi boat ride to attend Chetumal in Mexico for shopping, doctors we are used with etc.  There are excellent doctors in Belize for sure.
Of course Belize has a lot to offer in many ways.
Chetumal on the Bahia Mx is often the RR spot for rest and recuperation for those living in Belize. Merida in the Yucatan, Cancun etc. That you could drive to or fly. 
It will be a culture shock.
Just a few comments and my simple opinion.
My husband and myself have loved Malaysia, Singapore. KL  such a beautiful city with kind people, extraordinary history. My son was attending the French School in Singapore and I always thought then
Asian flair was so important in the life of a young man then.
Best to both of  you.
France Launia

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Hi there

Thank you for taking the time to write to me with all your suggestions. Very kind! Mummy and I are so excited to explore Beautiful Belize. We would love to go to Mexico and Cuba and many more countries in the region, but we have 2 weeks and really want to go slow and enjoy the moment. I refuse to rush as we do in everyday life.

We have decided to be based in Cayo in the first week and the Cayes in the 2nd week. One day trip is to see Corazol!

Wishing you and family all the very best!



Maybe meet you there for a drinkie poos! Meanwhile, have a wonderful day!

With my husband, we live in Chetumal in Mexico at the border of Belize.
So if you wish to share a drink by the Bahia.
My property is for sale. If you know someone in Singapore.
I offer a commission.
May i give you my website.
We want to downsize becoming old.
Two weeks that is short for a long trip.
France Launia

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Hi everyone,

@ Launia Tate Sullivan, do not hesitate to browse through the Singapore business directory under Real estate in Singapore category, you will find a list of professionals.

All the best,

Thanks much. The comments are appreciated. I try to share but ive not been there. Ive been in the yucatan previously looking over the mayan ruins. I made sundials afterwards. Not feeling so Awesome towards people and places. Copala did a movie with us and I was told he had a collection on the mayans. I hope to visit his place. Their architecture and demise intrigue me. In our population of veterans belize has long been a place to survive. Much Regards, Rick

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